Building NOW

Always know that you have a special spirit in your heart,

SO do not rush and panic, give things time to start .

Only day you will laugh at the fear you are facing,

and remember the steps of the floor you are pacing.

Life is but a short period of time to prove your worth,

And you have been gifted since your very birth.

You bring joy and happiness wherever you travel,

So hold it together do not let it unravel.

Words are the instruments of the soul,.

they can be a great tool or take a heavy toll.


he one thing that has been so disturbing to me as I search for unique places to visit, is the Babies that I see on rocky roads and no shoes in Latin America.  Funrunners is going to try and help that situation.  If you want to help, tell your friends to send the shoes that no longer fit or are never worn, Mainly for children, but all shoes are welcome and much needed.  Funrunners will get them there and give them away.  This is not about making money. Please, no shoes that are not in reasonably good shape.

Know this,,,,, These are people who are trying hard to make an honest living, not people that are too sorry to work. They work hard, when they can find work normally for 2 dollars a day.  Please Help these children, .....

I wish I could say I will pay your shipping but I can not.  You see I am not a major corporation and have no funding, no grants, just me.  I am a working man with a great idea for single people all over the world. Funrunners will be a first class singles fraternity and first class people, we will help not hurt, we will conserve and enjoy the culture not try and change it.  I am Pressing ON as fast as I can.  Surely shipping 3rd class mail is within your heart. I hope to entice an airline to ship them when they have extra space on flights.  Anybody know anyone to talk to?  Shipping Address

Funrunners      2002 leighton ave,     Anniston, Al 36207

Thanks joshua


La una cosa que ha sido tan perturbando a mí como yo busco para lugares extraordinarios visitar, ser los Bebés que veo en caminos rocosos y ningunos zapatos en Iberoamérica. Trataré y ayudaré esa situación muy pronto. Si usted quiere ayudar, decir a sus amigos para mandar los zapatos que no quedan, ni nunca son llevados a nosotros, todo calibra, y nosotros los obtendremos allí y los da lejos. Por favor no zapatos que no están en la forma razonablemente buena. Deseo que pueda decir que pagaré su envío pero puedo no. Usted ve que yo no soy una corporación mayor y no tengo la financiación, ningunas becas, apenas mí. Soy un hombre de trabajo con una gran idea para solas personas por todo el mundo. Y sigo en rápidamente como puedo. Enviando seguramente el correo tercero de la clase está dentro del corazón. Espero engatusar una linea aérea enviarlos cuando ellos tienen el espacio extra en vuelos. ¿Cualquiera sabe cualquiera hablar a? La Dirección del envío estará aquí pronto.

Da las gracias joshua

So many that should listen, Turn a deaf ear.

As another week goes missin', soon another year.

This chance to change our mind, to help so many others.

Find a friend, or do something kind, We really are, all brothers.

Some brothers are good, some bad, And some are just evil hearted.

War is terrible, cruel and sad, But we must finish what we started.

If we leave before it is done, Future lives in masses will be lost.

The problem becomes that of our son, We have to stand & bear the cost.

Of all the things that have come to be, there is one that stands alone.

The most important thing to me, is the place that I call home ...

My father was a tail gunner, me,  I am just a Funrunner......




You want to end the war, then let it be a war . Not a social event for the media.

We would have lost World War II, if it had been done the way we are doing things now.

1. Call in 3 Marine Generals and ask them, what can we do to make this happen. And then follow their advice.

2. Media is allowed with a camera and a note pad.

3. I know you may not think so, but I promise you (the Media) are costing lives..

4. War is not for publication. The right to know is one thing, but the misrepresentation is far outweighing the need to know.


Life is a journey through a narrow space in time.

It is not so very much, but what there is, is mine.

I would give my life for my country and I would never hesitate,

But I'll not rush into battle, so the news will not be late.

I will respect my forefathers, who stood against what was wrong.

And there is a memory, of an old song. .......................

1,, 2,,,3 ,4 what are we fighting for, I don't give a damn , next stop is Vietnam.

Marines will guide you through the valley of death, for they are surely the soldiers of God almighty..



illegal aliens.

We talk only about the few criminals, and do not seem to realize that the vast majority are here because their children are starving. They would love to get a legal visa, work and pay taxes, but it is almost impossible to get.

Mexico is shooting itself in the foot. Many Americans, with the new passport laws, will choose Costa Rica or other places to vacation. If they tour Costa Rica, Panama, and maybe soon Honduras or  Nicaragua. they will not go back to Mexico.  Mexico will be sitting there saying," maybe we should not have dropped our released prisoners at the US border when they got out of prison."  Mexico is a special problem.

Example: In Costa Rica a young child of 12 was dying of cancer and had a wish to go to Disney World before he dies. A nurse offered to take him, but the visa was denied because neither one of them had $20,000 in the bank. Now that is a country where $200 a week is a pretty good pay. How many of us would have 100 x our weekly pay in the bank. If I have 2 weeks I am ahead of the game. This was in The Tico Times newspaper about 1 year ago. (this is from memory but I believe is correct). I think we need to take a long look at the Statue of Liberty. What it meant at the time ,and what happened to that meaning.. I know it is a complex problem, but the wall is kinda funny to me. I mean a man walks 20 days from Nicaragua and says ohh a fence, I will just go home and let me kids starve..

And who is going to build it, I can see it now, Ok guys,  we want you to build this wall and then jump over on the other side. In America now there is not much real hunger for real physical work. We would be better off making it easier for countries in trouble, to import items to generate jobs in that country.

I mean if the rest of the world made it as hard for US to visit their country, things would change. The problem is MONEY, many work here and send almost everything home for their family and do not spend the money here in this economy.  

I do not have the answer either, (I DO NOW, )

therefore, I do not mean to be critical. I am only saying there is a problem, and the solution is going to be helping their country supply jobs. But you must realize a father anywhere in the world will climb any wall to keep his family from starving. Instead of causing ill will toward America we should take a role that helps that country and I hate to break the news but throwing money at the problem does not help, the money never makes it to the problem, but our conscience is clear.  Of course that is not the problem.

I think the embassy should take a greater role in this actually, possibly even disperse the funds as the need arose. Actually, I think Honduras is place to start. A new president that I think wants to do right, he has had time to realize that war is an absolute last choice.  He is not sure how he will be perceived in the US so he has formed alliances with some anti American countries.

Perhaps if he realized the tourist trade will solve many of his economic problems there, he may rethink his position. I personally went to Nicaragua 3 times to try and help start a renewed interest in tourism with Funrunners. I went to the National tourist office and tried to communicate an offer that could double their tourism, and could not communicate. If millions of people traveled from Mars, I would at least have a person on staff that could speak their language.  So I looked at Honduras and  will soon go and try and ask for permission to pursue this course. It is a very beautiful country ,similar to Costa Rica and it has 20% of the tourism of Costa Rica. If Funrunnerstravel ever gets a chance to open that door it would change their economy.

Maybe the President wants to go down in history as the man that saved so many of his people. Of course he has to prove that... But if it worked there then move to the next country with the help of a strong Honduras and on and on..

Soon the world peace in that part of the world would be a real possibility. I have been traveling to central America for 25 years.. and this is just my thinking.. Joshua


We dream of a life so very grand, our feet never touch the ground,

For ourselves alone we stand,  and there is hatred all round.

The things we have lost,   hidden so poorly in plain site.

We have no idea the cost,  not doing what was right. 

It makes me wonder what is meant, by the lies we read, called news,

Until the seventh angel is sent, Will we realize what we had to lose.      GJP3