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Now this is not for everyone and I know that:
Beautiful Women, a private large acre isolated tropical paradise, great food and many delightful tours. Great music and dancing all night with a Beautiful Woman and a Funrunners Rumrunner in our hand. The sun will tan us by the pool ,and the waterfalls cool us down, There will be anything you could desire in the way of all the senses for 10 remarkable days, but there will be no tobacco. The only smoke you see, will be from the BBQ as the pig is gently turned over the open coals. 10 persons per tour. All inclusive air, room, wine, women to dance with and song . $10,000 remember No tobacco, it will be a long walk home...  To quit smoking is a physical, mental, and spiritual task, This tour will keep you busy from working on the farm, taking tours, dance lessons with beautiful women, to daily exercise. You will get up at 7am. All inclusive drinks, food, tours, even your entry in the $10,000 Texas Hold-em tournament Ready to go.... This is a physically taxing tour, I strongly advise you to talk to your doctor if you are doubt of your condition. I am a Marine and this will be similar to a very mild bootcamp of the corps. Semper Fi. But you must understand it is for your own good, and it will hard to put down the cigs, I know. I smoke about three packs a day and I will be in the first group of QUIT SMOKIN Tours. Your day will start at 7am , you will walk for the breakfast ticket every morning, not too far but it will get farther as the days pass. Great breakfast then depending on the day, a tour or working on the fence line till lunch. The first day we will choose teams for softball and practice most if not everyday. Of course the beautiful guides and dance instructors will fill the roster since all funrunners events are co-ed. And the last day we will have a final game. At the end of the day a BBQ and drinks of choice, relaxing music. I am going to try and get Tommy Townsend to come down from Nashville and play a few nights too. Now you go to bed when you want, we are all adults here. And part of quitting smoking is deciding what is the best thing to do for one's self. But, 7am is headed your way. Ask me anything you want I will answer you. joshua

Quit Smoking the Fun way
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I need some old Marines or Retired police that want to make a difference and live on the beach  in Costa Rica