Think about this, say you bought a country district,lets say for example Colombia  49 million fans very sports minded 24 million males 10% players 2.4 million players = . 53,000 teams if you leased team districts to companies for only 2k a year that is 106 million a year, they play each other as well as other league teams. take bogota bulls as example
game day your team does a parade with your cheerleaders passing out passes to kids, free pass for the kid will be appreciated and also bring a parent or 2 to the game. once a month each team plays a game for their community.This is a league that is to be a part of the local community, the jersey does not have the players name it has a local sponsor name the owner makes 1/2 the gate on each game as well as any sponsorships. when his teams play he makes the gate. This league can and will be a great thing for the town and country.The commission will pick a team from each country to be in the championship series as Europe comes into the league it will start getting tv money, so realize that this can become a huge business and I expect team values to double every 5 years now you have 10 teams in Colombia you are making $ only 200k on each team over 2 million a year every year or more
Team Barracks