Be A Miss Funrunners
Looking for 26 International and 26 USA Miss Funrunners.
Miss Funrunners will have chances to travel, and meet 1000's of good people. She is single and has a great heart and overall great person. We need Miss Funrunners of all ages, 21 and up, this is not about being a Barbie Doll this is about class. Miss Funrunners are Single and they are Class Ladies... She is the ambassador for Funrunners in her district.
Funrunner Girls are similar to Miss Funrunners , they do promotions for business opening and the like. They are paid whatever they work out with the owner. They love to dance, party and play. But don't read anything else into that. Funrunners is not ever going to be a part of anything illegal. We are not about setting your rules as long as they do not drop below Funrunners basic standard of decency.
Sea UN Señorita Funrunners
El buscar 26 Internacional y 26 EEUU Señorita Funrunners.
El fallo Funrunners tendrá las oportunidades de viajar, y para encontrar 1000 de hombres buenos. Ella es sola y tiene un gran corazón y a persona en conjunto gran. Necesitamos Señorita Funrunners de todas edades, 21 y arriba, esto no está acerca de es una Muñeca de Barbie que esto está acerca de la clase. El fallo Funrunners es Solo y ellos son Damas... Ella es el embajador para Funrunners en su distrito.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaEoFh2H0Ec <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaEoFh2H0Ec>
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