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Jan 10, 2010
Ok, here it is the problem and the  solution:
Well, as I see it, the problem has been  the democrats made it possible for illegals to get Social Security and welfare. Which, to this day I do not understand how someone that was not an American got Social Security and welfare. AND WHEN they needed a scapegoat for hard times or to keep the sheep scared they said.  Oh my GOD, the illegals are getting welfare.  AND, get ready for the failure of the Social Security which  is going to be blamed on guess who???     Sheep = You.   So for 200 years we have been begging immigrants to come work and pick the fruit and work on our yard, then suddenly  it was no longer socially accepted.   Now  we say, oh we will build a mighty fence and spend millions and millions on it.   All the fence  was for,  so congress could say we are doing something.   Of course after millions and millions the Mexicans are bungee jumping the fence.    So now we turn loose the Nazi to hunt them down like animals crossing the border, so called citizen patrols.    I am not talking about border patrol.    What happened to the statue of liberty, send me your tired, your poor, your down hearted.   Now it says so we can slap you in jail, take their children away and send you home to sell drugs.   Because we have to keep the sheep scared, if the sheep ever lose the fear of the wolf, things change for the better.  By the pure nature of greed, a government is going to grow and be all consuming, it is to the American to stand and regulate the growth.   Read what Jefferson had to say at www.RegionsLawsuit.com.  Sheep = you...Well most of you anyway.

Now all you other nuts, that say bhay bhay blacksheep, they are not legal.  Well, HELLO,  NOBODY THAT WILL WORK A MANS JOB,  OR PICK FRUIT can possibly qualify to get legal papers the way it is now.   Look at Costa Rica to get a visa you have to have $20,000 in the bank.  Now a good working job there is $100 week, so you would have to have 4 years salary in the bank.   How many of you have 4 years salary in the bank.    So now we have a man who has picked fruit every year like  his father and grand father worked in the fields every year.   But we say, NO MORE, LET YOUR CHILDREN STARVE.   So now they either go to work with drugs or they cross the river illegal to feed their family.  And Fox and MSNBC or whoever else say they are all criminals and going to steal you blind and rape your wives.  And all 99.99 percent of them want to do an honest days work for an honest days pay.   
Funrunners Immigration Reform Evolution (F.I.R.E.)
So as of Aug  27th this year, We will sell them a green card with a photo ID and fingerprint for $500, they will have a green SSN and can go to work, pay taxes and  help pull this country out of the hole.  They would love to be legal  and would willingly  line up from Texas to the Mississippi.   The card is for one year.    You have an address because the card is mailed to them, FIRE cards are done the first week of the month at the driver license local locations.   The annual income to the USA would be SAY 10,000,000 X $500 IS  $5,000,000,000 a year minus 10% to the state that furnished the card.   PLUS the taxes they pay with their green SSN .  Now you have given a fair chance to work legally and you also have the finger prints, current photo and a past known address for all.  You now have a work record and conduct record to use in approving a citizenship or not.    They can buy a house, a car, become good citizens.  They would help each other get the $500.  You know, that help each other thing, we kinda forgot about.   But, the way it is now makes me embarrassed.
  It is time we stopped peeing down their back and telling them it is raining, they have known it all along.      And the hatred that has been bred by the political sheep shearers would be greatly diminished.  We have to stand and change, the course we are on is not going to end well... This would increase the work pool and make people realize they can find labor and do things and every little thing helps get us back on track.  This hatred that was started with the presidential campaign in 2005.    There will always be people that let racist views control their mind, we simply have to over look them and get back to being America.   It is so funny politicians try and pass laws to do impossible things so they can say vote for me.  The Unites States Of America is the GREATEST NATION THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.  BUT , it is not an auto renewable thing.. We have to get rid of the ones that allowed this to happen.  Of course we, were the root evil in this mess.  Don't VOTE if you do not even bother to see who is worth voting for.   All I know, Jeff Sessions has got to go.

1,000 years from now:
A_______ MAN  is going to be proud of his race,  he is going to feel his race is the best, and he is proud of his heritage, you are lying to yourself  if you think differently, and it is  a natural thing.  (pick your race, white,black, red, tan,yellow, olive) or (Christian,Jew, Catholic, Muslim, Buddha,  etc).  Children the sooner we learn to play together the better off we will be... We need to learn now...
Just think how we would turn an enemy into a friend.  Now we would have 10,000,000 Latino friends that will help stop the drug traffic from the south so they protect their work country.   I promise you Latino's look down on drugs more than we do.   But, nobody seems to understand the reason.   In Drugs we blame the seller and not the buyer, we have given up, police are only money takers now.  We have found DUI at .08% very profitable ,  so we do that instead.  We blame the buyer and not the seller.  The old protect and serve is now punish and collect... Most police I know are tired of  being a government ATM.   

Policeman 2021 on a stop.  Excuse me person, I need to see your insurance, driver license, proof of citizenship,  credit card statement, social security card, current paid cable bill, current cell bill, current paid water, sewage bill, health insurance, and I see you have a magazine subscription that is late and, oh my,  you pledged to support he sheriffs dept and never sent the money, but the good news is we can finance it all for you with the Regions FYB plan, it is easy payments and they never end, just sign here, and send payments starting next Monday.  Have a nice night now you here.....  Venting a beautiful thing

  But JUAN CARTEL , look at him and understand WHY,  if you have any hope of  stopping the flow you have to understand your opponent .  He has basically 3 options in life:
1. Work for a few dollars a day, always have hunger at the window.
2. Come to work in the USA as has been done for 200 years.   Of course now he is blamed for everything.
3. Drugs, live a much shorter life, but have things he would not even be able to dream of in other choices, to be treated with respect, out of fear mostly but still respect.  Like the old US Marine saying, "It is wise  to respect a man holding a 45".      So basically a long life with nothing and no hope VS  short life with many things.   And we all know how important things are, look how many congressman sold their souls. .  Bah, bah blacksheep.  Keep them scared,  keep drugs on the streets.  That keeps the money flowing and justification for whatever else they want to do.   I mean we are so far out of control, we have got to face some hard decisions. 
START HERE , I do not care if a teacher has taught 15 years, if they are bad teachers cut them, why let poor teachers teach our kids, and wonder what happened to education.  Treat them like appraisers , lol.  www.SouthlandAppraisersUnion.com  A whole profession of by far honest men being robbed by the Sessions Bunch.  NOTHING like this ever happened in America.  The government put an unregulated middleman in the business, to take  1/2 the appraisers fee,  bend over Joe Public.

President Obama is being blamed for everything, inexperience is all I see he is guilty of so far.  I believe he is trying to do right.  He needs to forgive the debt brought on by the bankers that stole so much.   July 27th the credit reports should be vanquished.  Everyone starts over,  not just the banks..  Jobs, you can not find people to work so you do not start that business.  Take a look at construction, I had a personal friend in Atlanta, he took a year off, because he could not find workers.   I am not saying give a hand out, I am saying give them a hand.   We are all just renting and I tell you this.  Life is far too short, but have we learned nothing.... 
If things are not gotten under control soon, you are going to see things that have never happened in this country before.   DO NOT THINK this is a threat, this is a speculation on my part.  But, I think you will see people that can no longer handle the stress and  lies they are forced to accept and also some moral warriors.   I think you are going to see 
Lawyers & CEO's more so than politicians, that are taken out.  You are going to see more unexplained violence in ordinary people.    The media is playing the song, like an Indian war drum,  and when it happens they will say "Oh " we had nothing to do with those deaths.    I say send peace keepers, not police.    The media cost lives in war.
I hope everyone has the sense to sit at a table and say "HEY", that Arizona thing, wasn't that how Hitler started with the Jews...  How did that turn out??  A terrible loss of mankind.  Yes, I agree the Hitler buss word is not a good thing, but at the same time it was the most terrible reign in the history of man, and it started with little changes in the law.   So those that say OK, to  a law that says if someone looks like an illegal, or a Jew, or a Gay or a Democrat, where do you stop it?  I really have a problem with that and the continued loss of civil liberties.  Bah, bah  we are such sheep and we have too much fear of the wolf........Jan 10 2010.

Born, Bred and Raised in Alabama, U.S.M.C .   
God bless you,  Dixie and Robert E. Lee
Joshua Porter

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