Funrunners Stuff on the way
These are some Funrunners events planned, these are for the single....
M.A.S.H. PARTY- Will have prizes for the best Hot Lips, Radar, BJ, Hawkeye , going to start one Saturday afternoon and go into the night. Probably be a camp out situation.
Scavenger Hunt , good prizes and the real thing, done in teams, by drawing.
Country Bands Wars- this will be a 40 hour event, 10 Bands playing their hearts out for Funrunners.
Sadie Hawkins Day party, the girls bring a homecooked meal and the high bidder has the pleasure of the meal and lunch with the cook. the money goes to relief funrunners funds for the 3rd world children.. then later as the bands warm up the guys have a 2 minute headed start and then the girls go after em and catch their date for the night. Sometimes corny things can be fun.

Date Auction, a site will soon be up and you women and men can find out what you are worth, the high bidder gets the 4 hour date. This is a date at a fine restaurant and maybe a dance or 2,and nothing more. And it is just for fun and meet some new friends. the Miss Funrunners will be on the auction too. Now boys these are Ladies....
NUT & BOLT DANCE, Women from the Birmingham district will be given a bolt and the Men From Nashville or Atlanta whichever way we go, will be given a nut. You dance with the match. And visa versa for the guys.
Get this in your head, Funrunners events are for fun and meeting new friends, not about who are the pretty people. So yes you being the prettiest woman there may be dancing with a computer nerd or a guy that needs to drop 30 lbs, but it will be for fun and maybe you will see that while this person is not my soulmate, but they are a great friend and fun to be around. From a guys point of view in Funrunners there will be some fine teardrop fannies and also some watermelon butts, there will be the young and the old that are still young at heart, kinda like life...
HELP, give your ideas

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