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Now here it is the Honest truth, Most everyone would love to lose a few pounds... I know it is not politically correct and may offend some people, and if so, I am sorry. But until we look our demons in the eye, and decide that I got myself into this uncomfortable place, and now I going to get myself out. It is pretty simple really. More exercise and less food = weight loss. Believe me if I was a skinny little dude it would be in poor taste to put a page called Fat Farm on a website, but I am not a skinny lil dude, in need to drop 30-40. So I put a chatroom here, and maybe we can find support from people fighting the same problem, and I think that will help.
Make a fat friend and challenge them to be honest, and to tell what they ate or drank in the last 24 hours every day, and you do the same. Before long it may dawn on you or your friend, that the 5 soft drinks a day it takes to wash down 5 moonpies is excessive. And maybe they will start taking a water opinion or find a soft drink that is low calorie, but even I, am not going to try and take a moonpie away from another fatman. The one thing you have to understand is IF you don't do something, you are going to get bigger.
Think about it, you are gaining weight, as long as you change nothing, nothing will change, you will continue to gain weight. That little magic fairy ain't gona show up and wave their wand and you go back 10 years to your old weight. So try it and see if it helps. Just talking about it to someone that you do not know, and does not know you, but has the same problem. Get on the chat room and tell a fat joke, we have to always be able to laugh at ourselves in life and try to do better each day. We will call this the Funrunners chatadiet. lol. We can laugh about it, but we all stand there at the mirror saying, who is that fat person in my house, and how did this happen.
The whole idea of Funrunners is about what a person is and not about what they look like. It has to do with their heart and with how they live their life it is not about weight, or smoking, or lying , cheating and stealing. It is about being a person, and fat folks are not happy at heart. Most of our weaknesses are based in our insecurity. Just my opinion. Funrunners is about being a single person in a society that was created for couples. It is funny to me, most married people are jealous of the single person and most single people look at the greener grass on the other side of the fence.
The truth is, it is simply a different way of life. Every year we get a little bit more selective and a lil bit less desirable. Lets all chat it over and see if we can come up with a program that works, not really a diet, but a reprogramming of the thought process in this world of .99 burgers with 1000 calories. And maybe a little encouragement or a little competition in the chat room will help. Course if we catch a skinny lil dude in there telling fat jokes, we will show him why you don't put the lemon merang pie in the refrigerator when there is only 1/2 left, cause then you just have to get back up and go back and get it. As you go after it, you think I need to get rid of that damn pie or I will eat it tomorrow night and I will never lose this weight.
And folks take a look at your children, better yet go to the mall and take a look at other peoples children, there has been an explosion of lovable lil fat kids. Then be honest and take a look at your own. As a past and pretty much present fat kid I can tell you the sadness that goes with it. So cut the damn TV off and tell them to go outside and play and be a kid. Go skin a knee and learn in life you get hurt , you get over it, you learn from it. If someone else's kid is cutting your grass while yours watch TV you may a problem. Just cut the TV or computer off and say that is the pouting chair over there, if you're going to pout that is where you do it. Talk to your children. Calling it Chubby, Baby fat, Big Boned, Plump, and all those things and saying when they hit puberty they will lose it do not help.
Just a thought here, do women go through puberty, I mean the kind where you look at the dog different. I mean when I hit puberty a crow just thought he was safe. I was one of those Big Boned kids that carried it right on through
puberty, course it was not all about weight. And then there is people you look similar to. A big person is never told they look like a small person. They say I look like Babe Ruth, Pete Rose, John Wayne and Jay Leno , now that would fill your average SUV. The first time someone told me I looked like Jay Leno I thought they were trying to start a fight. That was some years back and I did not know who he was, and you know if someone says you look like someone that you don't know, it could be a insult. I know who he is now, he made more money LAST YEAR than me and my ancestry. Which brings us to one thing that causes most of our insecurity MONEY. So many people think it is the great problem solver. NEWS FLASH, the happiest people you will meet are the two people who work hard together and have to save up to buy a TV. They are together and they have enough and do the best they can do, together. If you don't think so, look at all the rich people a marriage is a neglection and should be a lease. I thought about a lease a mate business, you sign a 1 year lease with an option to renew. But I kinda figure I am in enough hot water with God as it is and I don't think he would want me to change his plan, of course alot of people seem to be doing that.
Well I guess I an on a tangent, back to weight and what our insecurity do for our waistline. We get depressed and we eat, we celebrate and we eat, we are bored so we eat, we are alone so we eat, and then we say I wonder why I gained this weight. And just so you Barbies will know, when you have put on 4 pounds and say to your fat friend , oh I am getting so fat I am not eating for 3 days. Well it is a good way to be, and it will help you from ever being fat, just don't say it to your fat friend that is standing there and would kill to have your weight. AND NEVER think about it, after you say it, and say I am sorry. That is like saying thank God I am not as fat as you. So what do you think, lets try the Funrunners chatadiet , I mean it is hard to eat and type.
Fat Farm challenge. register your real weight now enter the contest, and in the spring I will pay a dollar for every pound you lost from now to the trip. Honesty is something I always do well and expect the same. I am a working man to the tune of 60 hours a week so don't take advantage. I am a real estate appraiser by trade and the gas is eating the profit margin. They say I can be too honest, a friend has already called and said are you crazy putting a page called Fat Farm. I told him, hey,  we already know. joshua

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