was founded by Affiliate Costa Rican Corporation TCOP.SA in 2004 a Partner to , ,, .
We are Single, We are Proud, We Compete, We party, and We travel in large and small single groups expanding our circle friends to an international level.  We are a travel fraternity that matters.. We feed hunger kids and build first aid centers.  We compete internationally with other funrunners for fun in sports events.  We listen, we help, we enjoy and matter.
YOU have to be invited to be a full member. However, you can join as a pledge and perhaps be invited by a member. If you see someone wearing a pair of jeans with the Funrunners embroidery you know they are cool people and they are helping get funrunners going and helping alot of people in alot of ways. From shoes for the children, to world peace through international companionship co-ed competition.  We will soon be opening a Red Door Kitchen to feed hunger children that have no hope.  Funrunners are peace and ECO ambassadors through friendship for their country.  All sites are in the works.

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Fat Farm  I think this could be done very
quickly and very fairly.  This is a one page read and I sent it to over 100
senators and I got 12 hits in 10 days from who knows where. Blame Obama and do
not care if they fix anything.

2. Pass a little law that everyone has to have
some form of solar by the end of the year. It can be sidewalk lights but it has
to be something solar. and the Mailman must be able to see it. If he can not see
it on a house he will give you a ticket for $20. The next ticket is more. Lets
say there are only 2 solar dealerships , now all of a sudden they have some
income to grow the business and drop the prices. Soon ACME builds an outside
solar yard light for $129 and then Porter Solar builds a double outside and a
porch light with a same attached panel on the roof. and the Acme says Hell I can
beat that. and that is how America was built.  NOW it is not make a product ,
make 30% profit and do good business. It is make a product and say hey I can get
1000% profit.  Some say that is Capitalism, gona have to call BS on that one boy.
That is Stealing...Capitalism has honor and dignity involved. Look em up...  
3. Appraisers are going bankrupt and the banks are putting them out of
business competing, the bank own the Big AMC's.  THIS could only be done
because the appraisers have no voice , and they had some bandits on the board in
Washington. Want to read that one it is    
A few more Protect the southern Southern border 
put people to work and feed the kids, give them a hand and not a