A Funrunner is a single person that was invited to be a member of the first real singles fraternity, Funrunners. Lives by a basic decent standard of honor and honesty. We are not prudes nor demons, we are simply real people that want to meet other single people on an international level, perhaps for marriage or for just friends. Funrunners are beautiful people, we are not all pretty. And for those that do not know, true beauty is in the heart. Funrunners, Party, travel, have our own concerts and so much more. We help others A Photo and email address will be on every profile.
In a society where there is little attention paid to the single problem, Funrunners stand alone. Funrunners is NOT going to try and hook you up, we are NOT a dating deal. We are single, we are proud, we are honorable, and we will travel. In our view, you can get to know a person much better through competing or playing with, or against in sports, dance competition, travel. Etc. Or by building a first aid center, or maybe delivering shoes to children that never had any.  Millions of ways to meet new friends
We may take a trip of 100 Funrunners and you may not know a person on the plane, but you know they are trustworthy and you also have instant credibility with them too. If they went to far off the funrunners code they would have been removed from the fraternity. .
As Funrunners grows each district will have a Clubhouse house that offers so much. From baby sitting services for single parents, to a place for self help programs. Say in the Nashville district the monthly survey showed 10 people where interested in yoga. ok you have yoga in room B on tues and thur. We take the input and make it happen.
Districts that are planned are in the beginning, Atlanta, Costa Rica, Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, Bogota,  Chattanooga, New Orleans, then going west, THEN GO Down Under, jump the big pond and hit Europe. We will go where we are wanted.
You tell me how many single people would be at the Funrunners co-ed softball tournament in Nashville , when the champion co-ed Funrunners teams from ALL other districts were there for the championship to go to Costa Rica and play the co-ed Funrunners champs from Latin America. AND the concert after the tournament , think about it, help make it happen. At the end of that one day you would have many new friends. Because you were a funrunner so you came with the credibility of being good person.
As the site goes live and membership starts, the ID will be a number and for example: if you are the 10th person to signup you will always get the 10th best seat on the plane, the 10th chance to take the trip, the 10th best seat at the concert etc. etc. You can sign up as a pledge until you are approved or recommended by 2 members. Sorry, if that seems harsh, but being in Funrunners is going to mean something, to you and to the world, we are not looking for everyone. The member that stand for you will expect you to be a good member or they would not have stood for you. It matters little how much money you make, or what your job is, it matters greatly where your heart is...
In one of Funrunnersmovies.com skits we are going to have a rich spoiled lawyer that rooms with an auto mechanic. And by the end of the cruise they have both learned alot about life and become very good friends.
Another will be similar, with a Barbie Doll and an average looking waitress. Funrunners view on looks is simply this, we will all be ugly at 80, so what difference does it make. I am sure you have all been to class reunions and the beauty queen had fallen from grace. If a person's only attribute is their looks, that makes a great calling card but not much more. Our cultures focus has become tainted, some of the very best friends you will ever have are not a member of the pretty people. It is life, every soul has something to contribute..
One day these kind of things will happen...
1. Survey show 20 members want a big screen TV, we get bids for 20 TVtvs at cost through our member that is in the business. They are drop shipped to your address at cost. Now the same for most major appliances.
2. You are buying a new car and the price is 40k, you give the dealer your Funrunners Visa Gold card and he calls and we say, sure we will finance it no problem, but the price is 37.900 we can buy the same car in 4 different places within 100 miles, do you want to sell the car?? Funrunners visa Gold finances and you drive off.
3. The survey ask if you where to take a trip in the next 90 days where would it be, Jamaica, Cancun, or Costa Rica. Well 45 said Cancun, 35 said Jamaica, 22 said Costa Rica. Funrunners doesn't say ok most members want to go the Cancun, let's do Cancun.  We do them all. we get the very best price we can through our contacts, and say ok here is the price ..
4. You just got a divorce and you join Funrunners and we have 5 members for you, that say hey it happened to me and what you can expect is this, and this is how I handled it.
5. Funrunners put tours in places that had none, in all parts of the world.
6. Funrunners is not a political or religious organization. We are patriots to our own country whichever country that is.
7. Funrunners may party till the sun rises, but we are NOT offensive to others. We know there is a time for work and a time for play, and a time to help others.
8. Funrunners is a pool of people that are decent people and would be an excellent source for Funrunners who are employers to draw employees.
9. Each district will compile an assortment of tours for there district, in other words, there is so much to see in our own district or state, of which we are not aware of. Many Funrunners trip will be local day trips.
10. Church.. yes that is right Church, each district Clubhouse will have an area for Church services and each week a different domination will hold services.
11. through 1000 coming soon, be a part of it.

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