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Funrunners = Class International Single People + Invited member + A Need to Make a difference = Funrunners Single Fraternity....     Simple Math
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Minute Men
Help Needed has a goal, to make adventure travel for the adventurous soul a reality for everyone, married or single, everywhere, USA, Latin America and Europe and soon Down Under.
is a separate organization of single people making a difference, like a fraternity of single friends around the world. We travel in large and small groups. We help build schools, put shoes on children that have none. Funrunners compete in Co-Ed sports with Funrunners from different districts and countries. Spread peace through friendship, and healthy competetion.
Many of our travels are adventure type travel. We leave on Friday and come back Monday on many trips. And then there is the real trips, the Down Under beaches with the Aussie Funrunners, to digging for gold in Nicaragua, White Water rafting, camp outs in the Jungle, to the beach Party in Costa Rica, we do what we want to do. Keep a bag ready, and get your passport, <> we get alot of last minutes deals that are great. Funrunners Travel has trips for all ages single or married. They tell me this is about as secure as a site can be, I got hit by ID theft one time, don't want anyone on here to have to worry about that.
This is about Fun, Just have a great time, see the world winning our contests. Or Just see the world with other singles with Funrunners, we are not a dating deal, we are a Single Fraternity and love it.
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Help me feed some kids
FunrunnersNews is coming, Honest, Honorable , Real News,  and also for the we are going to do CNN-DD  CNN Double D's for those that think there should be men on football field, maybe the news,lol  and also on CNN.  Get involved in life, we are all only renting and everyone gets a dollar to spend.  Some spend $.25 on drugs or Too much alcohol, some spend $.10 on stupid. How are you spending your dollar? Come on and help me feed some kids and help teach not preach... How do you know this is nto a scam, lol, saddle up... I am one man, starting something that will help many, but will also help the helper... The first time a hungry child looks at you and smiles, you just know it is worth it..  lol.
Old Marines needed
Building NOW
Always know that you have a special spirit in your heart,
SO do not rush and panic, give things time to start .
Only day you will laugh at the fear you are facing,
and remember the steps of the floor you are pacing.
Life is but a short period of time to prove your worth,
And you have been gifted since your very birth.
You bring joy and happiness wherever you travel,
So hold it together do not let it unravel.
Words are the instruments of the soul,.
they can be a great tool or take a heavy toll.